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Supporting young adults to live independently

Moving out of the family home can be a daunting thought for all young people and their parents/carers, but it is especially important for your family to feel supported in your decision. We can guide you through the process of gaining the best package of support available to help your child discover their independence and develop their daily living skills.

Valley Supported Living (VSL) are here for your family to make that transition as smooth as possible.

Modern supported living

VSL believe that supported living should feel like being in your own home, because it is!

Just like if your young adult went to university they will have their own room, which you can help them to make their own. There are communal areas where they can hang out with friends, watch a film, make a snack...

... and with this you have peace of mind knowing that they have a care package to support them do all of those things - and more besides!

If you would like to know more about how to get the ball rolling on an application click below to find out how to access our services.

A successful transition for Emma

Richard and Janet’s daughter is a wheelchair user and has a profound learning disability, which means she requires round the clock care. As she approached adulthood, they worried what the future would hold if they became unable to meet her high level of needs, as they aged.

Valley Supported Living (VSL) guided them through the process to achieve a significant care budget which would meet her considerable needs, then assisted them to find a beautiful bungalow within 5 minutes drive of their own home so they could still be ‘just round the corner.’ She is now happy and settled, with a small, dedicated team of staff – recruited by VSL, in consultation with family, who have built genuine and lasting relationships.


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Sibling support events

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